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Release day for 'Leading Sustainably'

It's here, and it's available! It's been a long time coming, and today we are celebrating the release of our new book, “Leading Sustainably—The Path to Sustainable Business and How the SDGs Changed Everything” from Routledge. From Amazon:

We couldn't have done it alone, and owe a big thanks to our excellent fellow contributors who helped to collect data, perform analyses, or assist with interviews: Yuhsuan Vivian Huang, Hsiao-Hsuan Chu, Tony Chung-Hao Chen, Solène Schuster, Rehnuma Salsavil, Maria Qazi Azmi, and Kai-Wen Hsiao. And another big thank you to Dr. Mark Milstein, Clinical Professor at Cornell’s SC Johnson Graduate School of Management, and Director at the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise for a Foreword that captures the moment and our intent with perfection.

We'd also like to thank our endorsers, who provided kind words along the way, including Jeff Turner and Jed Emerson: A must read for everyone on the journey toward sustainable business. It provides the context, and more importantly specific guidance on how to accelerate the transition toward models that will help to change the way business is done, respecting the needs of both society and our planet.

—Jeff Turner, Vice President of Sustainability, DSM

“Leading Sustainably" offers a road map for integrating the latest sustainability thinking into business practice. Bridges and Eubank demonstrate—through presentation of excellent case examples and historical evolution of the field—how SDG mandates contribute to effective business management and value creation to the benefit of both shareholders and stakeholders alike.

—Jed Emerson, Author of "The Purpose of Capital: Elements of Impact,

Financial Flows and Natural Being"

What's inside? Click here for our launch page with endorsements, and here's the description from the book itself:

The business world is at an important crossroads. The age of the stakeholder is rapidly superseding that of the shareholder as climate change and political and societal shifts upend years of seeming prosperity. To move past this agitated age, business and society must learn to lead sustainably by putting purpose on equal footing with profit. The first step is understanding what’s meant by sustainability and how it offers an opportunity for both business and society.

Inspired by the launch of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “Leading Sustainably” captures the ideas of more than 100 change makers from around the world about how business is putting sustainability at the core of strategy to survive, thrive, and realign its interests with society’s. The book looks at how sustainability has evolved in a business context, offering powerful insights, key facts, and guidance on building sustainability capability within companies, measuring and managing impact, sustainable finance’s transformation, and other topics critical to aligning businesses’ central activities with sustainable principles.

The book introduces five vignettes profiling best-in-class companies that were sustainable from the start and international case studies on business sustainability efforts, spanning industries from hospitality to waste management, fashion, finance, and more. Finally, Bridges and Eubank provide frameworks and in-depth advice firms can leverage when accelerating their transition to more sustainable business models.

“Leading Sustainably” is a perfect guide for those who are seeking to understand this fast-changing business environment, how to factor sustainability into their decision-making, and why the SDGs changed everything.


Foreword by Dr. Mark Milstein, Clinical Professor at Cornell’s SC Johnson Graduate School of Management, and Director at the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise

Preface: Pro bono humani generis

In the spotlight—mission-driven companies*

Prologue: Vision 2030—where could we be?

1. How we got here: the story of sustainability and the SDGs

Our definition of sustainability

2. For profit, purpose, and survival—why business is embracing sustainability

Vignette 1: Toad&Co—a better approach to apparel

3. From ESG to SDGs—methodologies for measuring and managing impact

Vignette 2: ReNuble—expanding access to organics through repurposed food waste

4. The transformation of finance—sustainable investing goes mainstream

Vignette 3: ECOncrete—bringing life to concrete

5. The road to sustainability—best practices for building organizational capabilities and driving implementation

Vignette 4: TBM, Co Ltd.’s LIMEX—reimagining paper and plastic

6. What’s Next—industries as hotbeds of sustainable innovation

Vignette 5: Keen—“We are not just here to make shoes”

7. Achieving the breakthrough—sustainability becomes business-as-usual

*Vignettes: “Mission Driven”—throughout the book there are five vignettes between chapters that profile best-in-class examples of companies that have been sustainable from the start

We hope that the insights from "Leading Sustainably" will inform your activities in your own business and improve your contributions to your teams’ efforts.

Thanks, Trista and Donald



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