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Press coverage for 'Leading Sustainably' and Read the Air

With the release of "Leading Sustainably-The path to sustainable business and how the SDGs changed everything" by Routledge, the book has started to receive coverage in articles and podcasts. Here's a non-exhaustive list of our press appearances and mentions:

MARIE CLAIRE (Italy) - story

Perché il futuro della moda sarà circolare

Another fashion week season is closing, this time at a tumultuous time for the industry. The pandemic has moved consumers into a period of reflection, with many second-guessing the need for purchases that they would have automatically made in the past (in Italian).


Why Your Favorite Companies Aren’t Going Green

The two most common reasons I hear from consumer companies explaining why they’re not fully embracing sustainability is 1) “it’s not clear to us that consumers want this” and 2) “consumers aren’t willing to pay more for sustainable products.” These excuses just don’t hold water.

GREENBIZ - story

Look to the future, make bold choices and don’t go it alone

Almost two years ago, we set out to find and catalog the practical steps that companies today have to take to create the new sustainable business models they will need to survive in 2030. We were inspired by the launch of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the embrace we were seeing for the 2030 Global Agenda by companies in Japan, the EU and elsewhere. 

GREENBIZ - podcast

GreenBiz 350 Podcast, Episode 235

Thoughts on leadership - Trista Bridges and Donald Eubank, co-founders and principals of consultancy Read the Air, chat about their new book, "Leading Sustainably: The Path to Sustainable Business and how the SDGs Change Everything."  

GLUG TOKYO - webinar

Get published in Japan

Book authors focused on Japan share their experiences: Kit Nagamura, Max Frenzel, Trista Bridges and Donald Eubank in conversation with Nina Cataldo and John Amari of Glug Tokyo

ECO-BUSINESS.COM - story Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals isn’t action. How can businesses execute their strategies?

A Japanese home builder and an Italian seafood company show what it means to make real progress towards sustainability, and offer lessons on how corporations can manage the gargantuan task.


How The Definition of Sustainability Changes Around the World

Having been raised in the US, worked most of my adult life in Europe, and now living and working in Japan, I am keenly interested in how sustainability is evolving around the world. The good news is that it’s increasingly being embraced in most countries and regions. But how do their sustainability journeys differ?

BRIGHTLY.ECO - podcast

Apple, L’Oreal, Dannon: Are These Brands Making a Difference?

When a giant corporation like Apple, Driscoll’s, or L’Oreal truly commits to sustainable changes, it creates a massive positive impact. On the latest episode of the Good Together Podcast, co-hosts Laura Wittig and Liza Moiseeva turned to an expert on how big brands are behaving: Trista Bridges, founder of Read the Air & co-author of Leading Sustainably.

'Leading Sustainability' Business Success | Trista Bridges #ssl66

In this talk, Trista introduces some key principles, case studies of success and examples of sustainable business success in Japan and across the world.

In sustainable fashion, smaller brands are still where it' at

Many industry giants have scrambled in recent years to launch sustainable pieces into their collections or even launch whole lines dedicated to sustainability. However, this continues to be a drop in the ocean in the vast amount of apparel produced and sold each year.

ECO-BUSINESS.COM - story What we’ve learned from how sustainability and sustainable companies have weathered the Covid-19 crisis

Businesses’ sustainability programmes better prepared them for the Covid-19 crisis and will become increasingly important. But now, to achieve broad sustainability competency throughout the organisation, companies must bridge the knowledge gap.


Innovating for impact: Dealing with a mountain of medical waste

As countries scramble to procure personal protective equipment, another quickly accelerating problem sits on the back end: the disturbingly massive amount of medical waste of all types that must be disposed of.



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