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Sustainability creates transparency around apparent - and hidden - risks to your business

A new era for Sustainability

The SDGs are a Call to Action for strategic businesses

“Sustainability” is changing from a focus on energy efficiency, waste reduction and other similar activities, to a more holistic approach: a total rebalancing of the relationship of business to society and to the environment. The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), defined by 169 targets and 232 indicators, are a powerful framework for understanding the actions of nations. And, inevitability, the impact of nations on society and the environment are significantly comprised of the actions of industry, and the businesses within them.

Companies that succeed in this environment will be the ones that align their operational strategies with the SDGs, rather than simply report on business as usual. 

In this competitive environment for utilizing the SDGs, companies that don’t embrace them will be left behind.

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How We Help

We believe that the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide businesses with powerful new ways to translate the world’s needs and ambitions into profitable business solutions. Viewing your business' management strategy through the perspective of the SDGs will enable your company to better manage its risks, drive innovation, generate new revenue streams, build positions in growth markets, secure access to needed resources, and strengthen your supply chains.

Board and Executive ESG, SDG and Sustainability Briefings

Enable sustainability-savvy decision making at the highest level with expert, tailor-made briefings

As ESG and sustainability rapidly turn the business world on its head, you need to put the building of a sustainability-savvy board at the top of your agenda. Provide your board and executives an in-depth understanding of your businesses' sustainability-related risks and the role that sustainability can take in your organization's own strategy. We can specialize briefings to your industry and sector and the scope of subjects that you want to cover. Explore the most recent developments in sustainable business, finance and policy frameworks, understand the latest climate science and recognize possible impacts for your business, and gain a view your competitors’ sustainability.

The 2030 Ready Program
for building sustainability knowledge throughout teams

Are you 2030 ready? And does your company have what you need to get there?

Businesses will face unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the next 10 years. Addressing social, technological and environmental threats requires a change of mindset and a clear plan to enhance corporate skills and knowledge. With the 2030 Ready Program, Read the Air helps your teams take the first steps to prepare for change. Participants are guided through awareness-raising and innovation exercises to the application of key frameworks for taking action. Executives that are seeking to drive change harness this new, deep learning program to future-proof
their companies.

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Decarbonization Training Sessions: Understanding carbon pricing and building strategies

Get up to speed on howsustainability practices impact your business and can drive revenue

Companies need to immediately acquire the knowledge and understanding that they need to make smart decisions to manage decarbonization efforts. Our decarbonization training helps business to reduce carbon emissions at the lowest possible cost. We explore with them the choices they need to make to reduce their carbon emissions using a menu of standard decarbonization options to achieve their targets. In the process, businesses teams learn the best strategies for decarbonization for their own organization and industry, an understanding of abatements and carbon markets, and how to meet compliance obligations under a carbon pricing scheme.



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ESG Preparedness Assessment & Integration Strategies

Move beyond reporting to integrate ESG into your strategy for better performance and ratings 

It’s not enough to disclose your Environmental and Social impacts to improve sustainability ratings, protect your stock price, and maintain access to low-cost capital. Companies need to  communicate to all stakeholders and integrate effective ESG activities into their operations to reduce impacts and create better societal and business outcomes. Improved ESG outcomes enhance your firm’s current & future value, including: Sustainable production and product development leads to increased sales and customer loyalty; energy and resource efficiency generates costs savings and reduced emissions, sustainable supply chain programs create stable supplier relations; and employee satisfaction increases with improved health and safety.


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Our Work

Case Studies from our clients


Sustainability Training design sessions to develop continuing education program for a global food and beverages operation. Final prototype design of the Trainning Program enabled the organization to acheive cross-organization alignment on their specific sustainability philosophy and pressing social and environemental issues in the sector.  

Food & Beverage


Carbon Profiling of operational carbon emissions (GHG Protocol Scope 1 and Scope 2)  for a major Integrated Resort, and the development of strategies for carbon neutrality for all operations. The purchase of Carbon Credits and Renewable Energy Certificates, inline with their internal SDG vision, has led to LEED Platinum certification.


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