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Let's work together to create corporate value with Sustainable Business Strategies



Sustainability maximizes the efficiency and profit of your operations


Sustainability enables businesses to identify new sources of growth and ways to build competitive advantage


Sustainability creates transparency around apparent - and hidden - risks to your business

A new era for sustainable value creation

The sustainable business transition is a Call to Action for strategic businesses

“Sustainability” is changing from a focus on energy efficiency, waste reduction and other similar activities, to a more holistic approach: a total rebalancing of the relationship of business to society and to the environment. The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), defined by 169 targets and 232 indicators, are a powerful framework for understanding the actions of nations. And, inevitability, the impact of nations on society and the environment are significantly comprised of the actions of industry, and the businesses within them.

Companies that succeed in this environment and unlock ne value creation opportunities will be the ones that embrace Sustainable Business concepts and align their operational strategies with the SDGs, rather than simply report on business as usual. 

In this competitive environment for adopting Sustainable Business  models and utilizing the SDGs, companies that don’t understand and act on them will be left behind.

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How We Help

Moving businesses from sustainability ambitions to meaningful action

The business world is at an important crossroads. The age of the stakeholder is rapidly superseding that of the shareholder as climate change and political and societal shifts upend years of seeming prosperity. To move past this agitated age, business and society must learn to lead sustainably by putting purpose on equal footing with profit. 
By collaborating with you to embed Sustainable Business concepts in your operations and decision-making, we can enable your company jointly to better manage its risks, drive innovation, generate new revenue streams, build positions in growth markets, secure access to needed resources, and strengthen your supply chains.

Our Five Areas of Expertise

Read the Air accelerates your sustainability transition

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Read the Air provides competitive analysis and topical strategy assessment to establish how your Sustainability Strategy compares with your peers’ 

Services Actions

  • Sustainability Strategy Gap Analysis

  • Company-to-peer and company-to-industry best practice benchmarking

  • Policy and Market Analysis


We collaborate with your organization to craft concrete and detailed planning to achieve your sustainability ambitions (i.e. Net Zero)

Services Actions

  • Roadmap development

  • KPI setting and measurement

  • Materiality assessment

  • Project management support

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Read the Air has customized Learning and Development (L&D) programs that build sustainability capabilities within your teams 

Training and Development Options

  • L&D program design, development, and delivery

  • From-Awareness-to-Action learning project support

  • Specialized courses from Intro to Sustainable Business and Intro to Decarbonization Strategies, to Impact Program Design and deep dives on how to take action on specific focus areas


Create end-to-end Sustainability communications strategies that resonate with your internal and external stakeholders 

Service Actions

  • Identifying your authentic assets and blocking points with highest “Materiality” to build on or address

  • Customizing the strategic road map to drive your communication transformation from “Where you are” to “Where you want to go” 

Work with Read the Air
to apply our five areas of expertise to your biggest challenges and discover new opportunities

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We offer ESG and Decarbonization technology advisory and sourcing to facilitate tracking of your key targets and actions with leading sustainability data management platforms

Advisory Options

  • Solution market analysis and benchmarking

  • Solution sourcing and assessment, including functionality and gap analysis

  • Partnership/engagement strategy

Our Work

Case Studies from our clients


Sustainability Training design sessions to develop continuing education program for a global food and beverages operation. Final prototype design of the Training Program enabled the organization to achieve cross-organization alignment on their specific sustainability philosophy and pressing social and environmental issues in the sector. Deliverable included program outline with relevant case studies. 

Food & Beverage


Advised a major international infrastructure consultant on the development of an ESG solution versus sourcing solutions available in the market:
RtA Identified established and emerging ESG solutions aligned with the client’s engineering service activities; and determined optimal “make or buy” strategy for client – i.e. acquisition versus joint venture recommendation


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