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Understand where your Sustainability programs is today, where you need to go, and how you compare with industry peers

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Turn to RtA for Strategic Intelligence based on benchmarking and the SGA

Strategic Business Intelligence on Sustainability Subjects

Sustainability is not only a complex subject, it's a moving target. One of most powerful ways to get a handle on what you need to do and how you are performing today is by looking at how your industry, and others, are doing, and how the market and regulators are responding to developments.

RtA can perform its proprietary Sustainability Gap Analysis for your company, and competitive benchmarking against your peers, to establish how you compare and what you can do to make advances.

Our benchmarking practices are quantitative and qualitative, so you can see both how you "rank" compared to peers, and the actual practices that your peers, or others in relevant industries, are implementing that drive their sustainability performance. 

Acquire competitive analysis and topical strategy assessments with Rta today to establish how your sustainability strategy compares with your peers’ with RtA's Strategic Business Intelligence services.

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The RtA Sustainability Gap Analysis


  • Comprehensive review of current company sustainability practices

  • Identification of areas of excellence and gaps

  • Guidance on how to improve lagging subjects

The SGA’s primary purpose is to measure a company’s sustainability performance today, showing where it is doing well and where there is room for improvement. Based on the SGA, RtA gives clients on the steps they need to take to "close the gaps".  

The SGA assesses a company’s current sustainability stance based on six fundamental categories necessary for establishing a meaningful strategy to adopt a sustainable business model:

  1. Basic Sustainability Indicators

  2. Sustainability Framework Application

  3. Direct Vs. Indirect Actions

  4. Engaging With Stakeholders & Partners

  5. Customer Messaging On Sustainability

  6. Sustainability KPIs

These six categories provide a comprehensive view of the company's sustainability-related activities, and can form the basis of how the company can best share its efforts with stakeholders in its sustainability reporting. 

In cases where clients wish to see a qualitative comparison of how they are performing compared to their peers, the SGA can be used in an Benchmarking exercise as well (see more under "Benchmarking and Business Intelligence").


Benchmarking and Business Intelligence


  • Benchmarking on performance, best practices and reporting, with qualitative and quantitative reviews depending on the kind of intelligence required

  • Business Intelligence reporting

RtA is laser-focused on developments in the field of sustainable business. From market trends and best business practices to investor priorities, framework development, and the latest policies, we are tracking what is most important to your business today when it comes to sustainability. 

RtA performs competitive benchmarking of a variety of areas where our client are most concerned: sustainability strategies, practical actions for teams, reporting, or more specific subjects. Our benchmarking can be qualitative, assessing the performance of your sustainability strategies versus a range of peers with in-depth descriptions of their sustainability practices. Or, we can outline practical actions that team members could learn from other organizations to incorporate into their current roles and leverage when developing operational strategies. Or, we can describe best practices for ESG and sustainability disclosure and reporting based on our regularly updated list of sustainability leaders.

By the applying the SGA, this can also be quantitative, showing how you rate numerically against competitors or partners, using the RtA scoring system. The outcome of the SGA Benchmarking can show you how rank against others overall, or within the six categories outlined in the SGA.

RtA also prepares comprehensive Business Intelligence reports for clients, to address specific concerns in the journey to becoming a sustainable organization, including:

  • Policy Monitoring and Analysis

  • Market Surveys

  • Sustainability Subject Matter Research

  • Partner and Opportunity Landscape Research

  • Sustainability Technology Reviews

If you need business intelligence on any sustainability subject, contact us today

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