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Take the next step in Sustainable Finance—Measuring and Managing Impact

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Design a program with RtA to measure and manage Impact

Impact Program Design and Training Services

"Impact" is the next step in the evolution of sustainable business. While ESG, “considers” certain non-financial risks to companies alongside financial factors, the concept of Impact shifts the focus from risk to intentions and opportunities.

The standard-setting Impact Frontiers group defines “Impact” as “positive and negative changes in outcomes for people and the planet”. Harvard-spinout International Foundation for Valuing Impacts expands this, stating that “Impact accounting allows corporates and investors to translate their social and environmental impacts into the language of currency, making information about impact accessible, actionable, and comparable to financial performance.”
Applying Impact principals to your business activities helps to set ambitious targets and take meaningful action towards becoming a sust
ainable business.
An Impact lens leads to:

  • Prioritization of important issues and opportunities to maintain long-term viability

  • Multi-stakeholder approaches that identify what is material across all parties
  • The alignment of internal and external stakeholders with outcomes you look to achieve

  • Clearer strategic choices 

The Japan Business Federation, Keidanren, sees Impact as the next step to achieving the SDGs. 

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Trainings, Resources & Reports


  • Educational resources and training sessions on Impact Measurement and Management best practices

  • Case studies and industry trends

  • Specialized research and reports

RtA has been tracking the development of Impact since the launch of our advisory firm and the publication of our book "Leading Sustainably". We can provide trainings, case studies and research reports in both English and Japanese on the subject, customized to your audience and goals. 

Impact is a sustainability concept that is applied both by corporations that want to better measure the effects of their products and services on society, and also by investors that want to define the positive social outcomes they can achieve by placing their capital with appropriate companies. Both parties are looking to have gauge the social and environmental performance of their financial decisions. 

RtA enables teams to understand what Impact is, whether as an accounting or investing practices, why it is important now, what to select to measure, how to measure it, and how to manage the outcomes. 

RtA Trainings cover the following:

  • Introduction to Impact Investing

  • The Basics of Impact Measurement and Management

  • The Business Case for Applying an Impact Lens


  • Impact Best Practices from Active Projects

  • SDG-aligned Investing in the Insurance Industry

  • Managing New Risks in the Time of ESG, CDP and TCFD

  • Project, Company, Investment, Fund Discovery

Program management

  • Creating an Effective Impact Team

  • Impact Capabilities Building Programs

  • Defining Your Purpose and Defining Your Impact Thesis

RtA also provides clients with various research services, from case study analysis and tracking of industry trends, to specialized reporting on your priority subject areas. 


Impact Program and Team Development


  • Guidance on developing and managing a successful Impact team for internal measurement and management or for external investments

  • Impact-lens project and company screening 

RtA provides guidance on how to create an effective Impact Team, including transferring knowledge about the kinds of qualities and skills required to form a successful team, helping build out working groups for international and local projects, including the necessary roles, experience, mindset, strategy, milestones and KPIs.  

RtA's program design services are comprised of:

  • Guidance on Impact Program Best Practices

  • Oversight of Impact Capabilities Building

  • Development of Impact thesis and statement of purpose

  • Guidance on Impact Measurement and Management Best Practices

  • Project, Company, Investment, Fund Identification / Sourcing and Due Diligence

  • Development of Blended Finance Opportunities (Public-Private)

  • Regional Impact Opportunity Landscape Research

  • Impact Program / Investment Monitoring

Beyond the building of your program, RtA supports ongoing activities, including further research your teams may perform and sourcing of and due diligence on Impact projects. Research support includes: Guidance on selection of subjects to be covered and properly comprehensive definition of research scope; strategy for research rollout and formulation of intended final outcome of research and reporting; on-going monitoring of progress of the project/projects; and identification of best outside partners for provision of required data and analysis. 

Program design is determined by your goals for applying impact (whether internally as a corporate or externally as an investor). 

If you want to learn more about how to apply Impact to your business, contact us today

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