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Introducing a new tactical service from Read the Air

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ESG Assessment & Reporting

Sustainability Frameworks and Reporting Alignment Services

Institutions are struggling both with understanding ESG commitments and expectations, as well as with knowing how to respond to new demands for action on ESG investing. For Listed Japanese Companies and Financial Services firms, Read the Air supports institutions in properly aligning with these rapidly changing reporting frameworks, conventions and policies.


We can assess your current performance and areas for improvement within these ESG and sustainability initiatives and identify your areas of greatest exposure. Read the Air collaborates with your organization improve your reporting and disclosure and compliance within the following frameworks, leading to higher business performance and improved relations with the standard setting bodies, investment associations and sustainability index providers:

  1. PRI

  2. Equator Principals

  3. TCFD

  4. FTSE Blossom Index

  5. EU Taxonomy on Sustainable Activities

  6. SFDR

  7. ISSB

  8. Japan Corporate Governance and Stewardship codes (Governance, Stewardship, ESG/Sustainability)

  9. US Inflation Reduction Act


Our Sustainability Framework Alignment service will provide a rigorous, independent expert view on the performance of your current ESG strategy and what you can do to make it even better.


Starting April 1, 2023, all Japanese companies are going to face sudden compliance with reporting according to international frameworks. Please see the Japan Financial Service Agency website for the November 2022 announcement of revisions. Read the Air is well placed to work with clients to handle this reporting in both English and Japanese and to continue to provide ongoing Assessment and Reporting services.

The ESG A&R Team

Read the Air's Trista Bridges and Donald Eubank are working with Yuchi Yoshimi and Frank Packard to offer ESG A&R Services

If you are ready to properly meet the new requirements for FSA disclosure, contact us today

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