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Our Mission is to move businesses from sustainability ambitions to meaningful action

We accelerate your sustainability transition by aligning your strategy with the best sustainability practices and making sustainability operational in your business

Read the Air's Five Areas of Expertise

Read the Air focus on five interconnected priority areas to accelerate your sustainability transition

Our expertise lies in:

  1. Intelligence

  2. Planning

  3. People

  4. Communication

  5. Tools

Read below to learn about the transformational services that
we offer your organization in each of these Areas of Expertise.

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Acquire competitive analysis and topical strategy assessments to establish how your Sustainability Strategy compares with your peers’ 


  1. Sustainability Gap Analysis (SGA)

    • Sustainability actions and stakeholder engagement

    • Public communications

    • Application of Sustainability KPIs

  2. Industry Best Practice Benchmarking

    • Company-to-Peer

    • Company-to-Industry

  3. Strategic Business Intelligence

    • Policy Monitoring and Analysis

    • Market Surveys

    • Sustainability Technology Reviews (see Tools)

Learn more about our Intelligence services here




Enable concrete and detailed planning to achieve your sustainability ambitions such as Net Zero emissions and product and service opportunity identification


  1. Collaborative Roadmap Design

    • Sustainability Strategy Alignment, Initiative Assessment and Milestone/Tracking Design

    • Sustainability “Strategy House” Development, Validation and Integration

  2. Sustainability KPI Development

  3. Materiality Analysis with Matrix and Stakeholder Surveys

    • ESG Assessment & Reporting (ESG A&R)

    • Stakeholder reviews and prioritization

    • Materiality analysis and incorporation in strategic actions​

  4. Decarbonization Strategy Development

    • Carbon Profiling

    • Science-Based Target Setting

    • Decarbonization Action Planning

  5. Impact Program Design



Engage in Learning and development (L&D) programs that build sustainability capabilities
within your teams


  1. Leadership and Development Program Design

    • Training Ideation

    • Program Design and Development

    • Delivery and Train-the-Trainer Methodologies

  2. Board and Executive Sustainability Briefings

    • ESG Business Case; Carbon Pricing Impact; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Human Rights; Sustainability Leadership

  3. The ‘Are You 2030 Ready?’ Program

    • Creating Awareness, Desire, and Sustainability Knowledge to take role- and department-level action 

  4. Introduction to Decarbonization Strategies

    • Strategies for decarbonization at the lowest possible cost

    • An understanding of abatements and carbon markets

    • How to meet compliance obligations under a carbon pricing scheme

  5. Impact measurement and management training

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Adopt end-to-end Sustainability communications strategies that resonate with your internal and external stakeholders 



  1. Identifying your authentic assets and blocking points with highest “Materiality” to build on or address

  2. Customizing the strategic road map to drive your communication transformation from “Where you are” to “Where you want to go” 

  3. ESG Assessment & Reporting (ESG A&R) to enable best practices for disclosure to your priority stakeholders



ESG and Decarbonization technology advisory and sourcing to facilitate tracking of your key targets and actions with leading sustainability data management platforms


  1. ESG and Decarbonization Technology Advisory

    • Market analysis of sustainability data management platforms and solution benchmarking

    • Solution sourcing and assessment (i.e. functionality and gap analysis)

    • Platform partnership and engagement strategy


Learn more today

Contact us today to learn more about our process and discuss how we can work together to help transform your organization to a sustainable business model

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Our Process for Making Sustainability Operational

The five steps for achieving

a sustainable business model

Read the Air recognizes five steps in the process of a company making Sustainability operational in its business model. We provide services to advance through each step, individually or as a package of phases based on your business' current situation and ambitions. The full process can broken into:

  1. Establishing a base-level understanding 

  2. C-level engagement & initial choices

  3. Actions & first wins

  4. Cross-organization priority setting & buy-in

  5. Alignment & process integration


We can tailor fit an engagement to suit whatever point you are at in the journey to becoming a sustainable business.

Read more about the Five Steps here

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