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Supercharge your business with the Outsourced Sustainability Office (OSO) from Read the Air

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For Publicly Listed Companies, Service Providers
and Investors

The Outsourced Sustainability Office (OSO) is a package of services for Japanese and Southeast Asian companies that may currently lack the full resources they need to respond to new ESG-driven and sustainability-focused requirements.

   Listed companies and suppliers of multinationals are experiencing pressure to do more to transform into fully sustainable businesses, and to be more transparent about how they are doing so. These pressures are coming from investors, regulators, ratings agencies, customers and clients, and civil society. Many of these companies may be facing their first and biggest test with the new reporting requirements from the Japan Financial Service Agency (FSA) as of April 1, 2023, ordering all listed companies to issue sustainability reports, and other new disclosure expectations from exchanges and government agencies across Asia.

   Yet growing companies may not have the human resources or financial resources to hire a full-time Sustainability Officer to help embed sustainability thinking across the operations of the company. Work with Read the Air to solve this issue with our new OSO service offering.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to
Read the Air


  • ​Responsive
    • Able to respond immediately on reporting projects

  • Cost effective

    • Reduces internal costs dedicated to specialized activities

  • Time saving

    • Use our expertise to prepare documentation quickly and efficiently



Overview of OSO services from Read the Air: 

  • Coordinating sustainability assessments with external partners (supply chain, distribution, etc.)

  • Designing potential changes to operations to improve sustainability

  • Executing sustainability practices

  • Reporting on sustainability activities to various company stakeholders

OSO Services (delivered in English and Japanese) and Package Levels 
We can customize our OSO services to meet specific goals or requirements

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If you are ready to acquire the sustainability office capabilities that you require, contact us today

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