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Sustainable Business Transformation

From comprehensive change to targeted actions, we enable your company to create corporate value with Sustainable Business Strategies, for purpose and profit. Manage social and environmental risks and capitalize on the opportunities offered by the SDGs and broader sustainability actions.

Our Mission is to move businesses from sustainability ambitions to meaningful action

We accelerate your sustainability transition by aligning your strategy with the best sustainability practices and making sustainability operational in your business

Read the Air's

Delivered in English and Japanese

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ESG Assessment and Reporting 

Read the Air supports listed Japanese companies to report in compliance with new Japan Financial Service Agency disclosure regulations. 

Read the Air can help your organization: 

  • Analyze and collect required ESG data points to be FSA-compliant

  • Determine the greatest Materiality issues in your industry and outline your responses 

  • Assess your sustainability initiatives, including Human Capital, Diversity, Governance, and Risk Management, and provide suitable responses

  • Prepare the final report for your review and submission 

Learn more about ESG A&R and the frameworks and conventions with which we can align your reporting

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Outsourced Sustainability Office

The Outsourced Sustainability Office (OSO) is a package of services for Japanese and Southeast Asian companies that may currently lack the full resources they need to respond to new ESG-driven and sustainability-focused requirements. 

Read the Air can provide a full range of OSO services: 

  • Coordinating sustainability assessments with external partners (supply chain, distribution, etc.)

  • Designing potential changes to operations to improve sustainability

  • Executing sustainability practices

  • Reporting on sustainability activities to various company stakeholders

Learn more about OSO services that will allow you to start advancing your sustainability efforts today

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Strategic Business Intelligence 

Read the Air supports is laser-focused on the field of sustainable business. From market trends and best business practices to investor priorities, framework development, and the latest policies, we track what is most important to your business today 

Read the Air can help your organization: 

  • Perform a comprehensive review of current company sustainability practices with our Sustainability Gap Analysis (SGA)

  • Identify areas of excellence and where you might need guidance to improve on lagging subjects

  • Benchmark your performance with industry peers, or related industries, and share best practices 

  • Provide Business Intelligence on policies, market trends, opportunitites, technology and more. 

Learn more about our SGA, benchmarking and business intelligence work to gain critical new views

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Impact Program Design and Team Development

Impact Program Design includes a range of services for understaning Impact measurement and management, building Impact monitoring and investing teams, and finding suitable Impact-led, purpose-driven organizations with whom to partner. 

Read the Air can provide a full range of OSO services: 

  • Guidance on developing and managing a successful Impact team for internal measurement and management or for external investments

  • Impact-lens project and company screening

  • Educational resources and training sessions on Impact measurement and management best practices

  • Case studies, industry trends, specialized research and reports

Learn more about Impact Proram Design services that will allow you to start tracking and applying Impact concepts

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Read the Air's Five Areas of Expertise

Read the Air focus on five interconnected priority areas to accelerate your sustainability transition

Our expertise lies in:

  1. Intelligence 

  2. Planning

  3. People

  4. Communication

  5. Tools

Read more here to learn about the transformational services that we offer your organization in each of these Areas of Expertise.

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Find your sustainability solution today

Contact us to learn more about our process and discuss how we can work together to help transform your organization to a sustainable business model

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Our Process for Making Sustainability Operational

The five steps for achieving

a sustainable business model

Read the Air recognizes five steps in the process of a company making Sustainability operational in its business model. We provide services to advance through each step, individually or as a package of phases based on your business' current situation and ambitions. The full process can broken into:

  1. Establishing a base-level understanding 

  2. C-level engagement & initial choices

  3. Actions & first wins

  4. Cross-organization priority setting & buy-in

  5. Alignment & process integration


We can tailor fit an engagement to suit whatever point you are at in the journey to becoming a sustainable business.

Read more about the Five Steps here

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Where is your business today? We can customize our services to your organization's level of progress, your industry and requirements, from introductory briefings and targeted team workshops to full advisory engagements and topical, commissioned reports

Long-range Tailor-made Engagements

We apply a Sustainability Operationalization Process with your key stakeholders to accelerate progress in your journey to a more sustainable business model

Read More >

Facilitated Workshops And TrAINing

Read the Air engages your team in exploration and ideation around your business’ Sustainability themes and initiatives for one- to two-day workshops and can provide cross-organizational training sessions

Sustainable Business & SDG Briefings

Invite us to present a tailor-made, half-day briefing to your team on the latest developments in your market and your industry on a global and/or local level

Customized Industry Studies

Commission a comprehensive report from Read the Air addressing your specific concerns in the journey to becoming a Sustainable Business

Read More >
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