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Sustainable Business Transformation

From comprehensive change to targeted actions, we enable your company to put Sustainability at the core of your business, for purpose and profit. Manage social and environmental risks and capitalize on the opportunities offered by the SDGs and broader sustainability actions.


Where is your business today? We provide a range of services, from introductory briefings and targeted team workshops to full advisory engagements and topical, commissioned reports

Long-range Tailor-made Engagements

We apply a Sustainability Operationalization Process with your key stakeholders to accelerate progress in your journey to a more sustainable business model

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Facilitated Workshops And TrAINing

Read the Air engages your team in exploration and ideation around your business’ Sustainability themes and initiatives for one- to two-day workshops and can provide cross-organizational training sessions

Sustainable Business & SDG Briefings

Invite us to present a tailor-made, half-day briefing to your team on the latest developments in your market and your industry on a global and/or local level

Customized Industry Studies

Commission a comprehensive report from Read the Air addressing your specific concerns in the journey to becoming a Sustainable Business

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Our Process for Making Sustainability Operational

The five steps for achieving

a sustainable business model

Read the Air recognizes five steps in the process of a company making Sustainability operational in its business model. We provide services to advance through each step, individually or as a package of phases based on your business' current situation and ambitions. The full process can broken into:

  1. Establishing a base-level understanding 

  2. C-level engagement & initial choices

  3. Actions & first wins

  4. Cross-organization priority setting & buy-in

  5. Alignment & process integration


We can tailor fit an engagement to suit whatever point you are at in the journey to becoming a sustainable business.

Five Steps to a Sustainable Business Mod


The methods we use to align your strategy with the best sustainability practices and make sustainability operational in your business

Sustainability Strat Planner

We offer a strategic planning tool that tracks the execution of a defined strategy that ties specific business operations to specific sustainability issues or the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You will be able to catalog all relevant activities, timings, and responsibilities according to the best sustainability practices and/or the SDGs and integrate this planner with related business activities. The Strat Planner looks both forward and backward, giving you the ability to view both previous and planned activities.


Sustainability Business Monitor

We produce quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly publications for clients outlining their "Sustainability Steady State" and "Current Sustainability Condition" ratings. Sustainability Steady State assess your activities today and how those fit with your stated objectives. The Current Sustainability Condition rating is an annual or bi-annual assessment of the environmental, sustainability, and social impact of new strategic actions. Sustainability rankings can also be presented against a backdrop of your performance versus industry peers.


Decarbonization Trainings

 Business teams learn:

  • Strategies for decarbonization at the lowest possible cost

  • An understanding of abatements and carbon markets

  • How to meet compliance obligations under a carbon pricing scheme

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SDG Risk Analysis

Expert guidance on new metrics and changing policy

We perform a deep-dive analysis and comprehensive assessment report, utilizing the SDG framework to identify likely risks of inaction to your business. This includes a probability assessment and prioritization of likely risks, and a quantitative and qualitative impact assessment of risks on your financial performance, brand, and greater organization (people, operations).


Carbon Profiling, Internal Carbon Pricing, and Emission Reduction Solutions

Futureproofing your company

We can determine your company’s total volume and type of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) produced (GHG Protocol Scopes 1-3) and develop an Internal Carbon Pricing Program to improve your business' operational efficiency. Internal Carbon Pricing Program design includes the rationale for employing a price and the divisions covered. You will then be empowered to easily identify how carbon pricing affects business strategy, emissions reduction, investment decisions, and risk assessments. Finally we formulate meaningful strategies for reducing emissions in facilities, operations and supply chains through sourcing renewable energy resources supply and enacting further efficiency measures.

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Climate Risk Assessment

and Reporting

Understand and prepare for the practical threats

We perform scenario analyses with environmental impact metrics determine how well you are prepared for a 2-degree Celsius world. How resilient is your materials sourcing? Supply chain logistics? Manufacturing base? Labor pool? Armed with a realistic view of the possible future, we can help you put into place metrics such as: your Total CapEx in low carbon investment, providing an easily quantifiable way to measure progress towards decarbonization; Operational efficiency measures, which document your improvements in areas such as energy efficiency and water use, in order to provide a material and quantifiable way to measure progress; and the percentage of your production in water-stressed areas, an important target for companies in sectors with high-water use such as extractives, apparel or beverages. 


Policy Impact Evaluation

Be prepared for policy changes

Based on our up-to-the-date knowledge of the Paris Agreement negotiations, Nationally Determined Commitments (INDCs), and government positions on meeting these and the SDG targets, we can advise you on the potential for changes in government policy. We evaluate the impacts of new carbon and other greenhouse gas regulation changes on your business, and advise on how to prepare. We also uncover new business opportunities in local governments' programs to meet their NDCs  and new government regulations based on advancing the SDGs locally.


Integrative Opportunity Design Process

The Integrative Opportunity Design Process (IODP) is a highly collaborative approach to developing sustainable business systems. Through a series of intensive charrettes, we identify key stakeholders in your business processes and engage them early and throughout the strategy design process. We familiarize all IODP stakeholders with constraints and opportunities in new business proposals and define and align the team around key sustainability objectives and performance goals for the project, i.e. economic, social & environmental factors.The IODP is the overarching strategy to building new revenue streams and reducing costs and business risks by aligning your operations with the SDGs.


Learn more today

Contact us today to learn more about our process and discuss how we can work together to help transform your organization to a sustainable business model

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