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'Vision to Action' Resource Center

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

"From Vision to Action: Sustainability in Business" is a Discussion Series that Read the Air is organizing in conjunction with Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) International Business Studies Program. The monthly series brings together key thought leaders from business, academia and other fields to explore the practical implications of sustainability in the business context—with particular emphasis on Japan and Asia.

The incorporation of non-financial information such as environment, society, and governance (ESG) into corporate evaluation and investment strategy is developing rapidly. But ESG is just the start of this transformation. We believe new approaches to defining value are required to respond to these fast-changing market dynamics. Through this working group we propose to develop initial insights and conclusions on new definitions of value. Read more here

This page will act as a dynamic resource center, updated with materials from each session and relevant articles contributed by participants. Please let us know if you would like to submit any materials at

Materials for Session 1: "Working Group Kickoff—Purpose, Challenges and Goals"

AGENDA from Monday, September 30, 2019

Introduction: Why we’re here? What are we looking to achieve?

Discussion: Sustainable business models challenges and opportunities

  • What are the principal opportunities and challenges for business in regards to sustainability? What are the specific drivers of and barriers to change within corporations?

  • What’s needed to move businesses and industries towards more sustainable business models?

Key Takeaways and Summary


Pre-session readings

  1. "Yes Sustainability Can be a Strategy" -- HBR

  2. "With New Business Roundtable Statement, Are 200 CEOs Stuck in Yesterday’s Corporate Sustainability?" -- World Resources Institute

  3. "How Making Smart Financial Decisions Can Have a Positive Impact on Climate Change" -- Time

  4. "Sustainability Takes Center Stage in SE Asia" -- Nikkei

  5. Nordic companies prove doing good is good for the bottom line - World Economic Forum  

Associated readings and other materials

Participant contributions are welcome, please submit to


  1. "2019 United Nations Global Compact-Accenture Strategy CEO Study" -- UN Global Compact


  1. "BlackRock bets on the circular economy with new fund" -- Reuters

  2. "Water Runs Through The Circular Economy" -- Water Online

  3. "How e-scooter and e-bike companies could embrace the circular economy" - GreenBiz

  4. "Circularity and the 45% climate solution" – GreenBiz

  5. "Interface CEO Jay Gould on optimism, talking to boards and truly carbon-negative products" -- GreenBiz


  1. "Sustainable Investing in Japan: An Agenda for Action" -- SPF/TIIP Report

  2. "Nordea selection head: ESG is 'integrate or die' issue for active managers" -- Citywire Selector

  3. "Three ESG Takeaways from PRI in Person 2019" -- PIMCO

  4. GREEN TARGETS: A Tool To Compare Private Sector Banks’ Sustainable Finance Commitments -- GRI

  5. STRANDED ASSETS: "Some $71 billion of Japanese coal assets at risk from cheaper renewables" -- Reuters

  6. "Natixis and EDHECinfra team up to evaluate the impact of ESG on infrastructure investing" -- EDHECinfra


  1. Philips CEO: "Going circular offers a great opportunity" -- The Telegraph


  1. "2017-2018 Temple university Annual Report on Sustainability" -- Temple (PDF)

  2. "Sustainability at Stanford, 2018-2019 in Review" -- Stanford

  3. "Colleges look to public-private partnerships for help with sustainability" -- Education Dive


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